Abortion Pill

what is a abortion pill

It is a chemical means that of causing miscarriage, as against the normal surgical means. it isn’t forever a choice, however it permits abortions to be performed less invasively and so a lot of safety for the lady concerned

A combination of abortion-inducing drug (also called “RU-486”, “Mifeprex”) or maybe and misoprostol (also called “Cytotec”) to terminate a pregnancy
cause a miscarriage. it’s the drawn out only way to get an abortion. You get in to clinic and take one pill whereas you’re there. You wait 3 hours…or maybe 48 hours when the first pill and take the second. you place the pill in between your gums and teeth till it dissolves. about an associate hour later you may begin having the worst cramps of your life as your body starts to possess contractions to unleash the foetus. This goes on till you miscarry.