Linda Abortion Pill Clinic |Cost & Price in Johannesburg

Linda abortion pill clinic, has the best prices in Johannesburg, cheap and reliable cost you want, Call (078)8450703 for your pregnancy termination. We provide abortion services using a procedure of medical abortion ( pills or tablets) used to terminate the pregnancy. For More Information Contact Us Now!

What is Abortion?

Abortion is that the ending of the unwanted pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it will survive outside the womb. An abortion that happens unplanned is additionally called a miscarriage. Abortion is also caused by a choice or less often, “induced miscarriage”.

Types of abortion

There are two types of abortion. Medical and Surgical Abortion. A medical abortion is the use of a pill to cause the lining of the uterus to thin and causing a miscarriage or induced abortion. A surgical is the use of a machine to terminate the pregnancy. In our  Abortion clinic in Johannesburg, we use medical one.

How much is abortion?

It cost between 500-2000 Rands depending on where & what procedure you want to do it. Costs can vary on the procedure you choose and how far you are pregnant. It is a personal choice, your choice.

What is abortion pill?

The abortion pill” could be a phrase used in referring one among many medications (or combination of medications) that function to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The Cytotec is simply safe and effective up to 12 weeks from the last discharge period. A Mifepristone comes in many various names like Mifegen, Mifeprex, Cytotec, RU 486, MTP kit a lot more.

Where to buy abortion pill?

Look up abortion clinic near you within the phone book or online to search out for a doctor in your location. You’ll not lawfully get the pill online. The abortion pill in Johannesburg, you would like a prescription for it, as a result of a doctor must make sure how long on you’re with an ultrasound before giving it to you.You have the selection of the pill (which will be taken up to twelve weeks, at the clinic or at home). You would like to check with a doctor so that he can an exam 1st, as a result of they have to check however how far along you’re.

I respect that it’s your alternative and understand that you just are most likely doing what is best for you.


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